Delete credit bureau entry – quickly creditworthy again

Delete credit bureau entry – quickly creditworthy again

Deleting the unloved Credit Bureau entry before applying for a loan can be a wise decision. If this succeeds, the creditworthiness of the borrower improves immensely and all regular loan offers can be envisaged. More commentary at

To properly delete the Credit Bureau entry, it is important to follow a certain order.

Step by step to the clean Credit Bureau

Step by step to the clean Credit Bureau

The fact is that there is no perfect solution to delete the Credit Bureau entry. Because it always depends on which type of Credit Bureau entry should be deleted. There are entries that have already been completed and entries that are still waiting to be completed. In addition, there are entries that indicate a bankruptcy or an affidavit.

Generally speaking, the latter can not simply be deleted because they have been commissioned by the state. They are only then automatically deleted when the associated thing is done and the deadline has passed in the aftermath.

In the event of insolvency, the deletion would only take place 3 years after the insolvency has been settled. And always at the end of the year. It is similarly difficult to delete a Credit Bureau entry that has not yet been completed. So if there are debts that have not yet been paid off.

Then the entry in the Credit Bureau can also be deleted only when the debts have been completely settled. Because only then is there a claim to deletion and the associated appreciation of Credit Bureau.

Delete Credit Bureau entry – completed notes

Delete Credit Bureau entry - completed notes

Completed entries, on the other hand, can be deleted. In the first step, it must be clarified which entries are in the Credit Bureau. A query from Credit Bureau provides information about it. This is possible once a year for free. Afterwards, it can be seen who has deposited the completed entry. The corresponding company can then be contacted and asked to delete the Credit Bureau entry.

If nothing happens in this way, because the company has no interest in deleting the entry, Credit Bureau can also be commissioned with the deletion. For this, however, must be able to consistently prove that the entry is really done. In general, completed entries are deleted after two years. Unless these are insolvencies, which – as already mentioned – will be deleted after three years.

If the deletion is forgotten, which can certainly happen, this can be applied for directly at the Credit Bureau. A proof of completion must not be provided in such a case, because the deadline has already expired.

The Credit Bureau then simply removes the entry and cleans up the data of the person concerned.