Leasing or credit: what is the best solution?

Leasing or credit: what is the best solution?

With the arrival of summer, the desire to make changes is always on the agenda. Do you want to buy a new car at some Swiss show? Not sure which option to consider between leasing and private credit? Don’t worry, because we will give you some tips to choose the solution that best meets your needs.

Let’s start with the leasing contract.


It is very common in Switzerland, in fact it has been estimated that one person in six chooses this alternative. But is it really convenient how many financial brokers want us to believe? Let us be clear about this: it is a solution that allows you to have a new vehicle in exchange for an installment payment. It is without a doubt quite convenient, but it is advisable to make the necessary considerations before signing a leasing contract. Generally, the conclusion of a lease involves the stipulation of a comprehensive insurance policy. In this regard, therefore, we must take into account the fact that the insurance premium will be rather high and not only, but in some cases if the interest rate is relatively low, the client will have to make an initial payment, a capital that will be deducted later from the value of the loan.

Leasing or private credit? Which one to choose?

Leasing or private credit? Which one to choose?

This is the question that many people ask themselves before deciding to buy a new car, for example. Buying a new car represents a significant expense. The most appropriate solution would be to pay in cash. But with the economic crisis that is still raging in our beautiful country and with a particularly high unemployment rate, paying cash becomes a rather difficult undertaking. So what do you prefer, a leasing contract or a loan with private credit? Which of the two saves more?

Surely every situation is different from the other, only a comparison could make you understand which alternative to choose. Certainly private credit allows the purchase of a car, so, in this case, you become an owner in all respects. In addition, the owner is free to take the car to the workshop that he prefers for repairs, or he can choose the type of insurance that best fits his needs and so on. But if you take into consideration the financing through private credit, who should I contact?

In Switzerland, more than one person in six has applied for financing through credit institutions. This means that approximately 500,000 contracts are entered into each year. This is a fairly large number of credit concessions, but it must be said that obtaining private credit in Switzerland today is rather complex, as the laws that have been enacted are different.

Of course this does not mean that it is impossible, but it is necessary to have an impeccable position above all from the fiscal point of view. To be able to apply for private credits and get all the necessary benefits, you need to know how to choose the right agency. For those interested, just send a request and a person in charge will support you from the first moment.

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